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Philosophy of the Academy

The primary purpose of the school - born from strong awareness that human being is much more than what it mildly to say - is the evolution of individual in all its aspects, even in the most profound and delicate, while respecting their feelings.

Therefore, the Academy is set to create the right environment and, mainly through the practice of martial arts and other disciplines psychomotor, to put the practitioner, that he is approached with humility and sincerity, in a position to be able to develop more tools appropriate to recognize and make their own individual journey.

This results among other things: consciousness raising of themselves and self-recognition of its limits, greater responsibility, better management of themselves, liberation from internal and external constraints, self-esteem, strengthening of its strengths, welfare psycho-physical, development of skills of self-defense, sharing with their fellow trail, study of the relational dynamics and study of group dynamics.

Courses and individual sessions are based on FISAM programs, continuously implemented with new martial experiences and new studies on the evolution of human beings.

Indeed one of the other objectives of the school is to rediscover ancient laws and secrets, lost or kept hidden for more, to find elements that serve to refine the techniques of teaching and development of their individual journey.

Therefore our activities may be modified in both their contents and in both their approaches, in respect of the “Law of continuous changing of the Universe”.

In our days there are many schools of martial arts and/or of other kind and our Academy has not presume to be better than the others.

But it wants to convey to the distinguished practitioner knowledge more and more depth of topics covered and in teaching to a single a method used to achieve on their own any other specialization only by following their own needs/stimulus/instincts/insights.

Aware that this road can not be to all, but also that every experience is always one step on their individual journey, please do not stop in front of words and contact us to come to know us.

The Symbol


From the greek tris-keles=3 legs, is the best known symbol Celtic and is survived even after the Christianization through the adoption of the value of the Trinity. Brings the power of number three and all the values assigned to it by cultures around the world, among them:

Kriss and Stick

Symbols used to represent the martial arts of South-East Asia.

The Kriss represents the cutting weapons, while the stick the arms percussion (often accompanied with a fist, representing the area of bare hands).

The Kriss is not only deadly weapon if used wisely (thanks to the tip wavy can inflict deep wounds and difficult healing because does not produce a net cut but an asymmetrical laceration of tissue), but it is also regarded as an entity with its own soul, strong magical and spiritual power (this value is assigned during the manufacturing process through the use of exclusive materials and ritual offerings to the gods by the shapers).

The two combined Triangles

The combination of triangles has been designed by the Technical of the Silat & Kali Academy in order to characterize the Academy itself.

The triangle is pointing up is the masculine energy, to be more precise the right part of the body, the left brain, the strength, the reason, the logic, the link with Heaven and the Father, etc. (elements based on which our Western culture).

The triangle pointing down represents energy feminine, or the left part of the body, the right brain, intuition, the sensitivity, the fluidity, the rituals, the connection to the Earth and the Mother, etc. (elements tend rejected by the male as seen as a sign of weakness, but underlying the oriental culture).

Thanks to integration and balance of both these forces, already present in every human being, you can try to reach the full energy expansion that allows the physical and etheric body to function to their maximum potential and open up to the spiritual world.

(The snake who goes back up the two triangles in the symbol of New Project Development Association (Nuova Associazione Progetto Evoluzione) represents the vital energy of Kundalini - symbol designed by the founders of Association.

The Symbol in its Together

So this symbol as a whole draws the connection:

Founder and Technical Manager

Luca Macovazzi

qualified Federazione I.S.A.M.


We would like to thank all the students and current members whose continued presence means that everything has a meaning.

Thanks to all former students who have come in contact with us, with the hope of having them left something good.

We would like to thank all the Teachers for their programs, methods, systems and advice …

Thanks to those who, with their continuous commitment and energy, have contributed to the birth of this school and continue to support growth.

Thanks to all prospective students because they will offer new ideas to improve ourselves.